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A Zombie Weapon Sight: EOTech XPS2-Z

Interesting news are popping out these days because of the popularity of various “Zombie” things games, apps, movies, and a lot more. Even in the malls, in the shirts of different individuals, and more and more interesting things ruled perfectly by the zombie mania. Thus, with this noticeable gesture, more companies try to have a little “zombie thing” to their products just to be with the trend and for the not so famous products be noticed. Moreover, this may be used by the companies to signify a relation between the qualities products do possess, with the qualities a zombie do exhibit.

EOTech, a company known for manufacturing various holographic weapon sights, is one of the companies who want to have a little part in the market trend. Thus, they manufactured the latest product which is named after the ever famous zombies. It is the L-3 EOTech XPS2-Z “Zombie Stopper”.

L-3 EOTech XPS2-Z “Zombie Stopper”
This Zombie stopper has a combination of the best weapon sight features an operator wanted to have as well as expects. It takes a pounding, holds zero, produces a highly visible, clear, and the cleanest target acquisition and can be relied on even for a couple of days. As visible as what the product’s name says, the EOTech XPS2-Z “Zombie Stopper” works like a zombie through what they call “zombie gear”, which is way tougher. Perhaps, this is what makes it a little different added with flair, from the previous version of EOTech XPS, which is XPS2-0.

This EOTech XPS2-Z has a cool reticle manufactured in a biohazard symbol to add a fashionable appearance, yet it is still able to incorporate the 65MOA circle and the 1 MOA dot. This will enable the users of the previous products of EOTech weapon sights to use this zombie stopper easily since it is near consistent in function with the previous XPS’.

On the physical appearance of this XPS, a tough, rugged metal shroud could still be seen for the protection of the optical glass window and the laser which is set apart from the rest through its etched graphics. A biohazard symbol on top of the product and a skull having engraved with “zombie stopper” on the left side, is a feature that a user could obviously observe by just looking at the product alone. The battery used for this sight is still CR123, which can survive for 600 hours set at maximum brightness. Moreover, the battery cap used is still a simple O-ring, tethered cap that offers better sealing and protection for the battery.

EOTech’s XPS2 Zombie stopper is intended to bring you the ultimate Zombie Stopping Holographic Technology experience. It has a faster target acquisition compared to the previously manufactured EOTech XPS’, and probably the fastest among other related sights not manufactured by EOTech. This is perfect if you are threatened by a bulk of brain eating beasts, or any other things you intend to use your guns. Thus, EOTech is still the leading preference if you are planning to have an HWS (Holographic Weapon Sight).